How to Stop Sweating in humidity and Conquer the Heat?

Sweating is a normal response of your body to combat the temperature rise. This rise can be due to excessive heat, humidity, exercise, hormones, stress, pressure etc. Sweating maintains the optimum body temperature by releasing heat.

While Sweating is natural, sometimes it can be embarrassing too. The sweat patches on your clothes, under your arms, do not look good, especially when you are outdoors. The odour due to sweat makes it worse.

On days when the humidity is more, you are more likely to sweat more. But luckily, there are ways to help you stop sweating. Read below the 6 tips to conquer the heat.

1.Hydrate More to Sweat Less

You must have heard this so many times by so many people. But this is what is mostly ignored. Every cell of your body needs water. When you drink water properly, it helps to regulate your body temperature and keep it cool.

When your body’s temperature does not go high above normal, you will automatically sweat less. Try to avoid alcohol or beverages with caffeine as they are dehydrating. Caffeine also stimulates the central nervous system to activate the sweat glands. Thus causing your body to sweat more.

2.Wear light fabrics

Wearing clothes that are made of light, breathable fabrics with good ventilation can reduce sweating. Choose linen or cotton over nylons and man-made fabrics. Choose light colour fabrics in summer and not the darker ones. The light colour reflects the sun rays while the darker ones absorb it. You will also be super comfy in summer and humid weather with light clothing.

3.Keep a Check on your Diet

Your diet plays a role in keeping your body warm or cold. Eating too much spicy or processed food can lead to more sweating. Our body reacts to food and it is therefore important to eat well.

Having more intake of water-rich fruits and vegetables (like watermelon, grapes, broccoli, spinach, bell pepper etc) and foods with more calcium content can help. It’s better to avoid fatty, spicy and processed foods.

Eat foods with low sodium content. Consuming more salts means your body will sweat more to get rid of the excessive salts in the body.

4.Limit going Outdoors

Avoid going outdoors if there is no work. Stay indoors and keep your environment at home cool. Use curtains to block the sun rays through the windows.

If you cannot avoid going outdoors, try to carry an umbrella, wear sunglasses and keep drinking water at regular intervals. Do not get into intense physical activity when outdoors in high humidity as it can lead to heat exhaustion.

5.Using Antiperspirants

Antiperspirants block the pores present on the outer layers of the skin so the amount of sweat allowed to the surface is reduced. They contain aluminium salts which helps to minimize sweat and also the bacteria linked to sweat odour.

Use a good Antiperspirant for maximum effectiveness. You can apply the Antiperspirant on your skin the night before for better absorption by your skin and best results.

6.Using Talcum powder

Talcum powder or baby powder can help you to stay dry by absorbing moisture. Apply some on your underarms, your back or other areas where you sweat more. Talcum powders with active cool ingredients like peppermint, menthol can give you a cooling sensation. They are easily available in any drugstore and are a quick cheap hack to reduce sweat.

These were the 6 tips to help you reduce sweating on excessive humid days. Although sweating is normal, it’s advised to consult a healthcare professional if you sweat excessively. This can also be due to some underlying problems in your body.

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