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  • TopDry

    Suitable for moderate to severe Hyperhidrosis TopDry is the ultimate anti-sweat guard that tucks in perfectly underneath your clothes and guarantees 100% protection against sweat marks. TopDry is made from Ultra-effective PowerWeaved cotton that absorbs and disperses all of your underarm sweat, leaving you free from those embarrassing sweat marks. 

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  • TopDry Sweat Pads

    These ultra-absorbent Reusable Shields are the solution for people who experience light to moderate underarm wetness that impairs their daily life. Simply stick the pads across the underarm seam of your shirt using the adhesive cloth tape – and you’re good to go!
    The pack includes 24 pieces of adhesive cloth tape and one pair of iDry reusable Sweat Shields.

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  • TopDry Disposable Sweat Pads

    Stay cool, calm and comfortable all day long with these disposable sweat pads.
    They fit perfectly on the inside of your shirt across the underarm seam and guarantee 100% protection against embarrassing underarm sweat marks.

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