Treatment Methods – Foot Sweat

There are as many treatments as there are many reasons. Ideally, you are supposed to be able to identify the exact reason and treat it accordingly. Yet, it is not always that easy. For extreme cases, there are medical treatments, such as Botox injections and surgery.
Unfortunately, injections can be very expensive, and surgery isn’t always effective. 

Here are some treatments and preventive techniques you may try:

1. Lontophoresis on the feet is a treatment based on electric waves. It can be done in a doctor’s clinic on in your own home. During the procedure, a direct electric current is continuously transmitted into the tissues in your body, in order to prevent sweating. 

2. If Lontophoresis seems a bit too extreme for you (most people report it to be a painful procedure), you can try alternative medications, such as Tea Tree Oil. This oil is antibacterial and antifungal oil, and will mostly prevent the bad odor of foot sweat.

3. Antiperspirants, the same ones you use for your armpits, could provide solution for your feet as well. Be sure to use antibacterial antiperspirant, in order to kill the germs on the feet, causing the bad sweat odor. 

4. Keep your feet clean! Wash them twice a day, using antibacterial soap. Let your feet dry before wearing socks.
Change socks at least twice a day. The socks should be made from 100% cotton or wool. The more your socks breathe, the more your feet breathe. Some socks are specially made for people with sweaty feet; meant to protect feet from blisters and toe fungus. 

5. Keep back-up shoes, and try to wear a different pair of shoes each day. Clean your favorite pair often, and spray under the footholds. You should also get an extra foothold for further protection. Some footholds are able to absorb sweat. If sweat is absorbed well enough, accumulation of bacteria is decreased.

6. Try natural medicine. At times they are more successful than retail products. Some natural medicine is: tea, witch hazel, tea tree oil, aloe vera, apple vinegar, Epsom salt.

7. Sweat can cause toe fungus. Feet sweat pores should be blocked. This is possible by rubbing talc powder of baking powder on the surface of the entire foot. If you’d like to try medicinal products, you can find several feet powders with zinc oxide. This helps keep sweaty feet dry and odorless!

8. Although you must make sure your feet breathe, you should not walk barefoot! If you would like to walk barefoot, try to keep it in your own home, and make sure the floor is clean. Be sure to wear flip-flops when going to the beach. 

Another known fact is that sweaty feet can cause toe fungus.

Toe fungus can be prevented. First of all, you must take steps to decrease foot sweating; a strict foot care is imperative for treatment and prevention.First, you must understand why sweaty feet cause toe fungus in the first place. Fungus is caused by bacteria growing in a moist environment. When your feet are trapped inside sweaty socks, bacteria grow. Without the ability to breathe, fungus grows as a result.

Therefore, in order to prevent toe fungus, you must learn to handle sweat.

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