Treatment Methods – Night Sweat

Certain measures can be taken to prevent night sweat. Around 40% of those suffering from night sweating are also suffering from a clinical condition, such as Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis. The other 60% of patients sweat a lot for various other reasons, some of which can be easily prevented.

If your Hyperhidrosis is not caused by a medical condition, it might be easier to treat.
There are several treatment methods, starting from diet changes to medical preparations. First and foremost, you must try to locate the cause of the problem, and treat it accordingly. If infection is the cause of Hyperhidrosis, the infection must be treated appropriately.

Here are a few Hyperhidrosis treatment methods:

  • You can purchase a fan and adjust its direction toward the bed. Connect it at the foot of the mattress, enabling it to release a light wind under the blanket. The blowing wind will cool the heat produced by the body.
  • Pay attention to what you eat and drink before sleep. Drink water, tea or vegetable juice. Avoid eating red meat and junk food. Eat a light supper, such as cereal or vegetables. 
  • Make sure your sheets and blankets don’t make you sweat. Avoid thick materials, heavy fabrics – those will not allow the skin to breathe. One must especially avoid polyester and satin. Linen is the best option, after which there is 100% cotton. Only use light materials.
  • Speaking of fabrics, the same factors affecting blankets also apply to pajamas. Linen or cotton pajamas are the best choice. It’s always recommended to wear a sleeveless shirt made of 100% cotton or linen.
  • Cooling blanket. Just as there’s a heating blanket, there’s also a cooling blanket. You can easily adjust temperature, keeping your room not too hot and not too cold.
  • There are 2 things you must keep by your bedside: ice water and ethereal oil. If you wake up sweating, drink the ice water and inhale the oil scent. Aromatherapy is an excellent way to prevent sweating during sleep. The best ethereal oils include peppermint oil, lemon oil, aloe vera, and salvia.
  • Try alternative treatments for night sweat; you may find that the solution to your problem might be acupuncture or herbal remedy. Meditation and yoga are efficient treatments for Hyperhidrosis; they help relieve tension and anxiety. If you are calm and relaxed before sleep, you will sweat less during the night.
    Acupuncture – an example for an alternative treatment. Small thin needles are used to stimulate specific spots in the body. The type of treatment is different for each patient. In the case of Hyperhidrosis, the acupuncture will focus on areas related to excessive sweating.
  • Apple vinegar, tomato juice, herbal tea, phytoestrogen spices, are known in their positive effects on patients suffering from night sweats. Try each of these medications each time, until you find the one suited to you. You should start by drinking herbal tea right before bed; salvia tea is a perfect example. 

Now that you know more about the causes of night sweats and treatment methods, you are able to get the help you need.

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