Treatment Methods – Sweaty Hands

There are many different treatments for sweaty hands. It’s possible to make use of conventional treatments or alternative medicine. The good news is, that there are a number of medications, so if one fails, the other might succeed. For example, if anxiety is the main cause of sweaty hands, it’s possible to use anti-anxiety medication. If you choose not to take any medications of this kind, it’s possible to prevent hyperhidrosis by changing your diet.

When we learn how to heal sweaty hands, it’s important to understand the reasons. Below are some of the factors/triggers for sweaty hands:

  • Bad eating habits
  • Medication / alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Over-weight
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Different diseases, like Leukemia or a thyroid gland disorder
  • Psychological problems
  • Side effects of other medication

Some people are lucky; all they need to do is remove certain triggers, like junk food or caffeine, and their sweat will minimize. Those with diseases or sweat-inducing situations find healing hand sweating a lot more difficult.
There are those who could even say that they don’t know what makes them sweat so much.
Even if you can’t point on specific triggers, you may still learn how to cure sweaty hands.

Here are some guidelines on how to do it:

  • Sometimes, it is better to begin with the simplest solution. When the case involves hyperhidrosis, the easiest solution would be to drink a lot of water, avoid certain foods, stay away from junk food (because they contain various chemicals). One of the main reasons why the body sweats is to remove toxins, so for your own wellbeing, you must stop consuming them. In addition, drinking a lot of water will assist in washing the toxins out, which in turn will assist in reducing the amount of sweat the body produces.
  • Learning how to control anxiety is another way to prevent sweaty hands. There are various techniques: meditation, yoga, biofeedback, aromatherapy, and more.

Below are a number of treatments for sweaty hands:

  1. The first treatment is ” iontophoresis”. This procedure sends light electrical currents on the palms of your hands in order to thicken the outer skin layer. When the outer layer is thickened, the sweat flow outside is blocked and cannot breech through the surface of the skin. 
  2. Another treatment is the usage of Botox for hyperhidrosis. Botulinum toxin is injected into the skin via a small needle. This treatment is effective, but requires many sessions; most patients are required to return for re-treatments over the course of 6 to 10 months. 
  3. Antiperspirants. Some products are meant for the palms, some require prescription, and others don’t. These contain aluminum chloride, which is used to cover the skin at night. In the morning, the skin pores will be dry enough to prevent future sweat during the day.
  4. There are some many herbal remedies which could be used for hyperhidrosis in the palms. Relaxing herbs for example, are excellent herbal remedies for sweaty palms. Since hyperhidrosis is partly psychological, it’s possible to calm the nervous system with these plants.
  5. Neem is another excellent herbal remedy. Neem oil has been used for thousands of years for treatment of various skin problems, including hyperhidrosis. The oil livens up the skin and promotes collagen. It also gets rid of bacteria; when there’s no bacteria, the sweat will not smell badly. 
  6. Diet modifications; avoid junk food and processed foods. Most of them contain additives such as sugar and chemicals, which penetrate the body and load it with junk. Guess how your body gets rid of it? Sweat! Eat plenty of healthy food, fruits/vegetables every day, and sweat less.

These advices will assist you in stopping or slowing down sweating in your hands. Despite the fact that sweating is a natural process, some people experience this process negatively, due to irregularity in quantity and manner of sweat. You must know that you are not alone; millions of others out there have hyperhidrosis just like you. These treatments are just but a few examples out of many available medications out there.

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